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Britain’s new chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has posted a picture showing him washing his hands with some Carex soap in shot.

Rishi Sunak

The whole government is working closely together to tackle COVID-19. We are taking firm action to support your families, your businesses and the public services on which you rely.

We can all help fight this virus by washing our hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

March 3, 2020

Now many people on Twitter are comparing the introduction of Carex in his
tweet, with another photograph he posted at the end of February
where he was making some tea
, standing next to a Yorkshire Tea box.

Yorkshire Tea spent the next few days swatting away a swarm of angry
boycott-threatening tea drinkers by insisting it was only a simple

People have predicted it could be a busy day for Carex too:

Philip Cowley

The Carex comms team have just had a heart attack…

March 3, 2020

Mike Pullen

*Waits for Sue to start shouting at Carex*

March 3, 2020



Dozens of British guests on lockdown in a hotel in Tenerife have received “conflicting messages” about how to return home, Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office has admitted.

In an email sent to Britons at the H10 Costa Adeje Palace hotel, and seen by the Guardian, the FCO acknowledged last night that “the situation within the hotel continues to be difficult” and assured guests that they were working closely with the Spanish authorities.

The hotel was put in lockdown last Tuesday after four Italian guests tested positive for coronavirus, and a fifth from the same group was also found to have been infected with the virus on Saturday.

The email assured guests that the FCO had been in regular contact with Spanish authorities and that attempts were being made to coordinate tests with flights home. The guests have previously been told they will have to leave Spain 24 hours after a negative result.

Guests are being allowed to book their own flights home, but should notify the Foreign Office at least 40 hours before departure so it can liaise with the Spanish authorities to ensure tests are coordinated.

At checkout, guests will be asked to sign a declaration form to say they are free of coronavirus symptoms, and will be given a certificate confirming their negative result. They will have to present both before boarding.

On arrival in the UK, guests will be required to self-isolate for the remainder of the isolation period, until 9 March.

Unlike the British citizens in the hotel, Dutch and Finnish guests have been told by their government that they must wait out the full isolation period and stay until 10 March.

The first group of Britons left the hotel on Sunday, though it is unclear who was able to leave and why.

Guests peer out from a window at H10 Costa Adeje Palace hotel.

Guests peer out from a window at H10 Costa Adeje Palace hotel. Photograph: Sergio Pérez/Reuters


A letter posted on social media by an emergency doctor has gone viral in Germany, where he said he felt medical staff had been “left in the lurch” by authorities.

Falk Stirkat, an emergency doctor on call from Erlangen said: “We are in no way whatsoever prepared for the current situation.”

“We’re being sent to the people who have had contact with someone with Corona in order to get samples from them. But we’re not being provided with any sort of proper protective clothing. I have been told to just go to the patients without any protection.”

“One colleague was forced to use a pair of diving goggles she brought from home to protect her and others from the spread of the virus.”

In further signs that authorities are overwhelmed with the situation, people have been reporting huge difficulties in finding who to turn to if they suspect they or their children might have the virus.

One woman told the tabloid ‘Bild’, she spent four and a half hours on the phone trying to find someone to help her, but was “sent from pillar to post” and has since been told to stay at home.


Confirmed coronavirus cases in UK now at 51, says health secretary



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