Boris Johnson to speak to Donald Trump and Queen from Chequers | Politics

Boris Johnson will speak to Donald Trump and the Queen this week, even though No 10 continues to insist he is not doing any government work while he recovers from coronavirus at Chequers.

The prime minister will speak to the US president on Tuesday afternoon to thank him for his best wishes for his recovery but he will also take the opportunity to talk about the G7’s efforts to combat the virus.

He will also have a telephone audience with the Queen later this week, probably on Wednesday or Thursday, after missing several weeks because of his illness.

Johnson has also been making calls to government ministers as he seeks updates on the response to the virus, amid continuing criticism of the effort to get personal protective equipment to the NHS and care homes as well as the failure to ramp up testing to promised levels.

His spokesman told a Westminster briefing: “The prime minister is continuing his recovery at Chequers and isn’t formally doing government work.

“He has been receiving updates from No 10 on the coronavirus response and has spoken with the first secretary of state and senior members of his team.

“Yesterday he sent a message of condolence to Justin Trudeau after the very sad loss of life in the shooting in Canada.

“Later today, at around about 2pm, he will be speaking with President Trump.”

Johnson went to Chequers to recuperate after spending a week in hospital, including three days in intensive care, when his breathing deteriorated.

He has been off work for just over two weeks, with Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary and first secretary of state, deputising for him in the meantime.

During his absence, there have been complaints of a power vacuum and criticism over key issues such as how the UK will eventually try to ease the lockdown.

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