UK coronavirus live: young and old will be hardest hit economically, study finds

Resolution Foundation warns of effect of Covid-19 on job prospects will be unequally felt

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Britain’s farmers and carmakers will be protected under a new post-Brexit trade regime that will result in 60% of goods coming into the country tariff-free from the start of next year, the government has announced. Our colleague Larry Elliott has the full story here.

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Sir Adrian Smith, incoming president of the Royal Society, has given an interview to the Times, saying that ministers should not say “we are simply doing what scientists tell us”.

“The danger is if the politicians keep saying, ‘We’re simply doing what the scientists tell us’. That could be awkward. Politicians ultimately must make the decisions,” he said. “There will be a post mortem on this. But I think the use of science and the re-establishment of experts is something that won’t go away. And I think it won’t be the backlash that, you know, the scientists, got it wrong.”

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