Some Tories want to get Brexit done under cover of coronavirus. What about Boris Johnson? | Rafael Behr | Opinion

When Boris Johnson was a journalist he was a notorious breacher of deadlines. Officials and ministers say he carried that attitude into politics. His career has been fuelled by adrenaline wrung from the last minute of every decision, which means he has probably not yet given much thought to Brexit transitional arrangements. They expire at … Read more

UK coronavirus adviser Neil Ferguson resigns after breaking lockdown rules | World news

Prof Neil Ferguson, the epidemiologist whose modelling helped shape Britain’s coronavirus lockdown strategy, has quit as a government adviser after flouting the rules by receiving visits from his lover at his home. Ferguson runs the group of scientists at Imperial College London whose projections helped persuade ministers of the need to impose stringent physical distancing … Read more

UK racing to improve contact-tracing app’s privacy safeguards | Technology

NHS officials are racing to introduce greater privacy safeguards for the contact-tracing app at the centre of the government’s lockdown exit strategy amid mounting concern from security experts, MPs and users. Whitehall sources conceded to the Guardian that they were “two steps behind in public engagement” because the app – which tracks everyone a user … Read more