The budget: what it might mean to you | UK news

Pensions Current rules Tax relief has long been a core incentive to encourage saving for retirement. If you earn £30,000 a year and save £2,000 into a pension, you get £400 in tax relief. If you earn £80,000 a year and put £15,000 into a pension, you get £6,000 in tax relief (slightly different rates … Read more

The university ‘free speech crisis’ has been a rightwing myth for 50 years | Evan Smith | Opinion

The idea that there is a free speech “crisis” at British universities has gained considerable currency over the last decade. “No platforming”, “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” have been held up by conservatives, libertarians and “classic liberals” as the holy trinity of campus censorship methods – supposed threats to free speech and academic freedom. There … Read more