When will the cabinet ease the lockdown? That depends which minister you ask | Katy Balls | Opinion

When reports first emerged that Dominic Raab was the “designated survivor” in the government’s coronavirus strategy, few colleagues took it seriously. Instead, they moved quickly to point out the first secretary of state’s supposed shortcomings: public profile, emotional intelligence, views on feminism. But when Monday’s cabinet conference call revealed that Boris Johnson had been admitted … Read more

MPs launch inquiry into potential Chinese asset stripping of UK firms | Business

An emergency Commons inquiry into potential Chinese asset-stripping of UK hi-tech firms has been launched following an aborted Chinese boardroom takeover of Imagination Technologies, a Hertfordshire-based chip designer at the cutting edge of AI and communications technology. The inquiry by the foreign affairs select committee is going ahead even though the culture secretary, Oliver Dowden, … Read more

Ex-cabinet ministers join cross-party call for charities hardship fund | Money

The former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith and ex-Conservative cabinet ministers have joined calls for an emergency hardship fund to help struggling charities, as hopes grew that the government could unveil such an initiative on Wednesday. Ministers have been under pressure for weeks to extend the financial help offered to businesses to the third sector, … Read more