Rebecca Long-Bailey pledges the environment would be central to Labour policy | Politics

Rebecca Long-Bailey would make protecting the environment a core Labour principle by writing it into the party’s constitution, she has said. The shadow business secretary has argued that Labour’s green industrial revolution, which she authored, was not prominent enough in the party’s election campaign last year. She would seek to redraw Clause IV of the … Read more

Eustice told to ‘get real’ as he tells peers UK will not use fisheries as bargaining chip in trade talks – live news | Politics

Boris Johnson was mostly applauded by the punditocracy yesterday for the way he presented the government’s coronavirus action plan but he, and other ministers, have been unable to answer a series of questions about what they will do to help workers who lose pay because they have to self-isolate at home – beyond saying that … Read more

Coronavirus live updates: WHO warns protective gear ‘rapidly depleting’ amid recession fears | World news

10.21am GMT10:21 Rowena Mason Coronavirus is likely to be spreading undetected in the UK already, with health officials on the brink of moving into the phase of “delaying” rather than trying to “contain” transmission, the chief medical officer has said. Chris Whitty, who is helping to lead the government’s response, said it was “likely, not … Read more