NASA’s InSight lander measures one of the biggest and longest marsquakes yet

NASA‘s InSight lander has measured one of the biggest and longest marsquakes yet, which featured tremors of 4.2 magnitude lasting nearly an hour and a half, the space agency said.    The robotic seismometre celebrated 1,000 days on the Red Planet on September 18, when it detected the largest tremor since it arrived at the Elysium … Read more

Tech: Apple could soon be FORCED by EU rules to change iPhone charging cables to USB-C

Apple may soon be forced to mothball its proprietary lightning connector as the EU unveiled plans to force all new smartphones to use USB-C as standard from 2022. The planned change, announced today, would not affect the majority of device manufacturers, as many have already adopted the fast-charging connector design. If delivered, the move would … Read more

Police probe Salmond inquiry leaks: Two complaints about ‘unlawful disclosure of information’

Police investigate Alex Salmond inquiry leaks: Detectives receive two complaints about ‘unlawful disclosure of information’ from Scottish government’s probe into harassment claims against former First Minister Police said it got complaints about ‘potential unlawful disclosure of information’ A Police Scotland spokesman confirmed that the force is now investigating them Salmond had said he told lawyers … Read more