Angela Rayner’s sacking risks reopening Labour’s wounds | Angela Rayner

When Angela Rayner secured Labour’s deputy leadership, her authentic working-class credentials and respect from the party’s left instantly made her an important figure in Keir Starmer’s vow to reunite after the internal warring under Jeremy Corbyn. Her sacking as party chair, however, risks reopening Labour wounds that are far from healed. While originally regarded as … Read more

Houchenism – the brand of can-do Tory threatening the left and right old guard | Will Hutton

After Thatcherism and Corbynism, welcome to Houchenism, the doctrine of Tees Valley mayor, Ben Houchen, and endorsed by a whopping 73% of Teesside voters. This 34-year-old northern loyalist is the Tory party’s contemporary version of Michael Heseltine, the lone standard bearer at Thatcher’s zenith of a willingness to intervene “at breakfast, lunch and supper”. Houchen … Read more

Nicola Sturgeon vows to hold indy ref 2 as SNP closes in on win | Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon has pledged to press ahead with plans for a second independence referendum after the Scottish National party was poised to win its fourth consecutive Holyrood election, triggering a constitutional battle with Boris Johnson. With counting continuing into Saturday evening, the Scottish National party was expected to fall two seats short of an overall … Read more

Labour’s Dan Norris wins West of England mayor election | Elections 2021

There was a glimmer of optimism for Labour in the south-west of England where the former Labour government minister Dan Norris got the better of the Tories in the contest for West of England mayor. In his acceptance speech, Norris said Keir Starmer had “unlocked” the area, which includes Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, … Read more