Bill Clinton says when he left office he had ‘nightmares on what could happen’ to his country

Bill Clinton tells Lorraine that when he left office he had ‘more nightmares on what could happen’ to his country but says it’s ‘foolish wishing you can do something you can’t do anymore’ Former US President Bill Clinton released booked with author James Patterson Appeared on Lorraine today and spoke about his life after the White … Read more

Psaki says Biden’s plan to combat crime won’t derail George Floyd bill

Jen Psaki says Biden’s plan to combat rising crime won’t derail the George Floyd police reform bill and insists the surge in violence is ‘driven by guns’ in major cities Press secretary Jen Psaki said President Joe Biden’s plan to address the rise in violent crime won’t derail negotiations over the George Floyd police reform … Read more

Psaki calls Joe Manchin’s voting rights compromise a ‘step forward’

Jen Psaki says White House will look for a different path if the voting rights Senate vote fails tomorrow and calls Joe Manchin’s compromise a ‘step forward’ White House press secretary Jen Psaki called Sen. Joe Manchin’s voting rights proposal a ‘step forward’ The Senate is slated to vote to begin debate on the issue Tuesday, … Read more

Biden’s DOJ goes against Trump and Barr by dropping their investigation into John Bolton’s book 

The Justice Department has abandoned its pursuit of John Bolton, President Trump‘s national security adviser, dropping an investigation into his book that officials said revealed classified information and ending a law suit. It marks a victory for Bolton who accused Trump of using the Justice Department under Attorney General Bill Barr for political purposes.     Although … Read more